Bushcraft one-to-one tuition


A woodland experience; learning Bushcraft skills, receiving personal tuition, and an escape into the wilds of the countryside!

We will be cooking lunch over our campfire, and with the camp kettle gently simmering, a brew will never be far away. Your day will include any of the following Bushcraft sessions and you can spend as long as you wish on any of these topics:

  • Fire lighting methods and igniting successful campfires
  • Spoon carving and whittling other utensils: spreaders and spatulas
  • Introduction and confidence building with sharp tools; knives, saws and axe
  • Making natural cordage
  • Erecting man-made shelters, tarps and hammocks
  • Bread baking over the campfire
  • Building shelters with natural materials
  • Natural history; woodland walk with tree identification and uses, and seasonal plants
  • Rubbing sticks together to make fire; making a bow-drill-set and creating fire-by-friction!

Course information:

  • Location:  Little Chalfont
  • Start and end times: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Course size: Just you, it’s personal tuition!
  • Age range: 18+
  • Includes: Use of all tools and equipment necessary with refreshments and lunch cooked over the campfire!
  • Your session preferences can be entered when booking and / or discussed with David prior to your time in the woods!

NB. Choose a date from the options when booking or contact David Willis to arrange a convenient date; mid-week and weekends are available! And yes, you are welcome to bring a friend with you (additional cost applies at 50% for the your friend).