Bushcraft 101 – Adventure Skills Day


Skills for life outdoors, this adventure skills day includes:

  • Fire lighting methods and igniting successful campfires
  • Erecting man-made shelters, tarps and hammocks
  • Finding water and making it safe to drink
  • Carving utensils
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Natural history; tree identification and uses, and seasonal plants
  • Cooking lunch on the campfire

Course information:

  • Location:  Little Chalfont
  • Start and end times: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Course size: Just 4 participants!
  • Age range: 18+
  • Includes: Use of tools; bushcraft knife, laplander saw, with refreshments and lunch cooked over the campfire (vegetarian, vegan and other dietary options available)


A day in the woods learning practical bushcraft skills you can use on your adventures; setting up a shelter for a wild camp, lighting a campfire for some fun family time, and preparations for a trip into the wilds of the countryside.

Super location, animated and expert instruction, a very useful course

Tools and campcrafts

You will be introduced to and learn how to safely use knives and saws; harvesting branches from the woods and whittling them into useful items, feathering sticks to make your campfire and kebab sticks to cook your lunch!

Frosts Mora knife with feather sticks

Fire lighting

A campfire provides warmth, light, the means to cook food and purify water, keeps creepy crawlies at away and builds group moral. Unfortunately many people struggle to get a fire going, usually because they haven’t been shown how or had the opportunity to practice. You will learn how to build campfires using practical and reliable ignition methods, what natural resources are best for burning and how to keep things safe and minimise your impact on the environment (leave no trace).

Excellent course, takes you back to ‘basics’ and gives you the confidence to be more adventurous

Lunch: chorizo sausage kabab cooked on campfire


You will also learn how to erect a light weight tarpaulin (tarp) so you can shelter from the elements. You’ll learn simple knots that are easy to remember and then be able too use those same knots to put up and try a hammock.

Tarpaulin shelter - practical, light weight and quick to set up
A light weight shelter is idea for adventures big and small, wild camps and for picnic’s too!

Safe drinking water

Sometimes it’s easy to take water for granted. It’s just a matter of turning the tap on and there we have it, clean, safe drinking water. When camping or on a hike, you’ll probably have water in containers, but what happens when it runs out and there are no taps near by?

Water purification and filtering using a Millbank bag
Making water safe to drink, first filtering and then boiling

Health and safety

As with most outdoor activities there are some health and safety issues to be considered. Topics covered will include safety around the campfire, toilet and washing arrangements, adverse weather, camp location and first aid provision.

Natural history

You will be guided around the woodland, learning how to identify trees, gain knowledge of how they can be used. Depending on the season, we will also forage for a few edibles to add a little variety to our meal and or make a herbal brew!

Had the most fantastic time and have learnt so many new skills, built my confidence – Thank you

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