Campfire Bread Baking


During this Campfire Bread Baking :

  • Campfires, fire lighting, ensuring they are hot enough for baking and maintaining the fire
  • Pots and pans, from using Dutch ovens through to improvised ovens
  • Recipes for all the breads
  • Bread baking alchemy – experimenting with bakes, adding different ingredients and enjoying the results
  • And tool use; knives and saws and showing you how to make useful items for baking bread

Course information:

  • Location:  Little Chalfont
  • Start and end times: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Course size: Just 4 participants!
  • Age range: 18+
  • Includes: Use of tools; bushcraft knife, laplander saw, fire steel, with refreshments and lunch cooked over the campfire (vegetarian, vegan and other dietary options available)


The Campfire Baking course will introduce you to making traditional bread loaves and others such as bannock and flat breads which we will eat with our lunch!

We had a fun day in the woods with David cooking bread, having lit our fire first. A quick guide to the wild plants growing along the track to the camp and we were ready to try some new things. For a fun and enjoyable day learning different aspects of bushcraft I can’t recommend David enough, he is a great teacher, very easy going and easy to talk to.

There is something so special about mixing a few simple ingredients together, and then baking it on a campfire. Call it a primal thing, but it’s difficult not to get excited with the anticipation of the bread you about to eat…

Fresh baked bread and butter
Freshly baked load of bread served with a healthy portion of butter

We will start the day with fire lighting methods, you will learn how to make a successful campfire and know what wood will burn best.

A small campfire for bread baking
A small campfire for bread baking

Whilst the fire heats up and creates a bed of embers for baking, we will cover basic knife skills so you can prepare a stick for your first bake.

Pesto bannock stick bread - green with envy
Herbs and spice and all things nice in our stick bread / damper baked over the campfire

We will be using Dutch ovens to bake some tasty loaves, plain or spiced, the choice is yours.

Bread baked in Petromax Dutch oven
Loaves baked in Petromax Dutch oven – note use of sticks to raise the bread off the base and avoid burnt bottoms

I attended one of Davids bread making days a couple of days ago set in a beautiful woodland in the Chilterns. We made a variety of bread, my favorite being the stick bread which we added some of David’s homemade wild garlic leaf pesto, delicious! The day was not all about bread, we also did fire lighting and learnt lot’s about bushcraft in general. David is very knowledgeable and loves to pass his knowledge onto others. The day is structured enough to make the most of the day and relaxed enough for you all to sit and enjoy a chat round the fire. Oh, I have nearly forgotten to mention lunch! David checked with everyone first to see if they had any dietary needs to caterer for. The group enjoyed preparing and cooking our lunch as part of our activities for the day. I had a lovely day and would definitely recommend.

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