Family Bushcraft – Nature Connection


This Bushcraft experience is aimed at families with children of all ages, it’s all about connecting you and your family more closely with nature and having fun in the woods!

  • Learning to light a campfire safely using a variety of methods
  • Baking fresh bread over the campfire
  • Building dens and shelters to snuggle into
  • Wood whittling using age / size appropriate tools

NB. Family Bushcraft is just for you and your family, it’s tailored to your needs with the emphasis on what you’d like to be doing – so if you have older children or teens who would prefer wood carving rather than den building then that’s fine. Let me know in the booking notes or just contact David!

Course information:

  • This booking is for a single family / household, with a maximum of 5 family members (the price is for the family booking – not per person)
  • Location: Little Chalfont, a private woodland in the Chilterns
  • Start and end times: 10:00 – 14:00
  • Includes: Refreshments are provided, but please bring a picnic lunch and / or something to cook on a stick over the campfire!


With modern life being so hectic and busy, wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to spend some time as a family out in the woods?

This Bushcraft experience is aimed at families with children of all ages (there is no minimum age). It is all about having fun in the woods; learning about campfires, baking bread, foraging in the woods, crafts and games that will help connect your family more closely with nature.

Had a great time during David’s Family Bushcraft (Nature Connection) course. David is very knowledgeable and conducted the day at a very comfortable pace, great for all the children in attendance. My son had a blast, built a den, got stuck in with the bread baking, and learned to identify a couple of edible plants that we now want to try and forage for.


As you arrive in the Bushcraft camp, there will be a campfire burning gently under a large parachute, creating our home in the woods. We will talk about how the campfire provides warmth, light, the means to cook food and purify water, and keep creepy crawlies away. You and your family will be shown how to build campfires using a variety of ignition methods (not just matches), what natural resources are best for burning and how to keep things safe for your family and the environment.

There will be opportunities to have a go and for younger children the opportunity to get closer to the fire, to learn how to keep safe and know how to place sticks safely on the fire, all under close supervision.

Dens and Shelters

Natural Woodland Shelter makes a cosy place to sleep

Various shelters will be available for you to try; you will be able to see what it’s like to sit or lay back in a hammock and to gently swing and drift off to sleep for a moment whilst listening to the birds above.

There will also be natural shelters and dens, those made of branches, sticks and leaves. You and your children will be able to build dens and shelters and see what they are like inside and even snuggle down for a while if you wish.

Bread baking

Fresh baked bread and butter
Freshly baked load of bread served with a healthy portion of butter

You will be making bread together as a family unit; working as a team, all helping, watching the yeast rise, and mixing and kneading the dough. We will then place the dough near to the fire to help it rise for a little while and then bake the bread on the campfire.

While we wait for the bread to bake, you will be able to explore the camp and have refreshments; try a nettle or herbal tea and or toast a marshmallow or two on the campfire. When baked, we’ll all be able to try the bread, with some butter and jam if you like or just on its own. Should anyone have any special dietary requirements, usually a different flour can be used to accommodate their needs, do just ask.

Attended a family bushcraft yesterday with David and it was fantastic!! My husband and I couldn’t recommend the event enough. David has so much knowledge and understanding of the woods and he is brilliant with kids of all ages! My boys ages 2 and 7 really enjoyed the baking of bread, den building and learning to build fires. We all had a great time! Thanks David, we will definitely be booking on to more of your events.

Natural history

Tree hugging – using our senses to recognise a mighty oak

You will be guided on a short walk through the woods. We will stop and look at interesting plants, touch and feel the textures of the trees, and keep an eye out for any animal tracks or signs. On the walk you will be encouraged to gather a few items to be used later for crafts; feathers, flowers, leaves or anything else that your children find intriguing.

We had such a fun day with the kids on the Family Bushcraft day. 4 hours felt like 8 and time completely slowed down – a welcome rest from modern life. We had a ball building dens, making fire and baking bread. What a great day out for kids and adults alike!

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