How to roast dinner in a Hangi / Ground Oven

Roast meat cooked in a oven hangi

Preparing a roast dinner for friends is always something special. It’s great to gather a group together in the woods, all sitting around the campfire with plates full of roasted meat and vegetables. Here, David, explains how to cook a roast dinner in a ground oven or oven hangi, along with cooking tips and guidance to make it a tasty success! Continue reading “How to roast dinner in a Hangi / Ground Oven”

How to bake bread on a campfire

Bread baking turning out a loaf from a tiffin tin

There can’t be many folks who don’t love the smell of a newly baked loaf as it comes out of the oven and the comforting warmth and yumminess of eating fresh bread. It’s been a staple of our diet for thousands of years, so there can’t be any excuses for not baking great bread over our campfire. Here, David, explains how we can make a delicious loaf of freshly baked bread, from making a good hot fire, using a variety of baking methods, through to a few proven recipes to try! Continue reading “How to bake bread on a campfire”

Freshly baked sweet chestnut bread

Sweet chestnut bread - baking in Petromax Dutchoven

It’ll come as no surprise to those that know me, that baking bread is something I love to do. Whilst you can certainly bake a good loaf in your oven at home, baking your bread over a campfire is something really special. For me, it’s the process that brings such joy: The gathering of firewood and kindling, and the lighting of the fire, that brings the expectation of the bread to be eaten.  Continue reading “Freshly baked sweet chestnut bread”

Take a walk on the wildside

Berkshire Life and Buckinghamshire Life Magazine with Venetia Hawkes

Great to be featured in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life Magazines in an article written by Venetia Hawkes. Venetia spent a day with me researching this article for the magazine, finding out what it’s really like to live outdoors in the wild woods. Sitting around the campfire, we spoke about how I got started and where I learnt to be a woodsman. We whittled spoons and baked bread while talking about foraging, campfires and living in the woods, a lovely day, thank you Venetia! Continue reading “Take a walk on the wildside”

Bushcrafty weekend at the Bushmoot

The Bushmoot runs for nearly two weeks, it’s a wonderful opportunity for individuals, friends and families with a common interest in all things Bushcrafty to gather, share and learn. There’s a huge number for workshops to attend, from camp craft, knife safety and shelter building through to coastal foraging, flint knapping and bow making!

The Bushmoot is located next to the amazing sand dunes at Merthyr Mawr, so a long walk or a swim in the sea are never far away. Best of all are the people who attend, you really couldn’t ask for a more friendly and chilled event. So keep an eye out for the Bushmoot 2017 dates and book some time off with your family, friends or just get along and make some new friends! Continue reading “Bushcrafty weekend at the Bushmoot”