The Fire and Feast course is the art of making good meals over a campfire out in the woods. Much of what is cooked up is done with few if any utensils, with the aim of encouraging resourcefulness and less reliance on modern gadgetry. So whilst we won’t be using unnecessary gadgets, we will be using one of my favourite pots for cooking; a Dutch Oven (more on this later).

So what can you expect from a day of cookery? Well you can expect to be baking, steaming, roasting and of course cooking on and over a campfire. We will also be covering tool use; knives and saws and showing you how to make useful items for cooking.

Ponassed trout, a wonderful way to cook fish
Ponassed trout, a wonderful way to cook fish

We will start our day with some foraging, gathering a few items to add flavour to our cooking and firewood to keep our fire going throughout the day (don’t worry we will have a stack of logs already prepared too – but they’ll still be opportunities to cut some more firewood).

Sweet chestnut bread - baking in Petromax Dutchoven
Sweet chestnut bread – baking in Petromax Dutchoven

For courses run in the Spring, foraging will include gathering wild garlic, we have an abundance in the woodland and we will experiment with different methods for using this wonderful plant. When in season we will also be preparing and cooking game and if not game, we will be preparing cooking fish. There will always be a variety of foods being cooked, providing opportunities for learning different cooking techniques.

Spring time foraged salads
Spring time foraged salads

We will be baking some fresh bread and bannock too, two very different ways of baking bread – one that takes a little time and more preparation, but is better for all the work and the other that is rapid and delivers a tasty and filling staple to go with almost any meal.

Sweet chestnut bread - the freshly baked loaf
Sweet chestnut bread – the freshly baked loaf

Course date(s):

  • 21-Apr-2019 Places available

For private bookings – family and friends, organisation or youth group, please get in contact to arrange an alternative date!

Course information:

  • Cost: £85 per person
  • Location:  Little Chalfont
  • Start and end times: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Course size: 8 participants
  • Age range: 18+
  • Includes: Refreshments and eating the food you cook throughout the day!

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