A day of learning to bake, steam, roast and cook on campfires. Starting with bread making, we made an unleavened  dough, baking the bread around the campfire. The campfire oven, a fire pit with hot rocks had been slowly cooking our joint of lamb and now it was time to dig it out, carefully uncovering our roast lunch!

Backcountry cooking, fire pit cooking, digging out the roast lamb and baked potatoes

A selection of fish, tuna and trout were steamed over the fire. Wrapped in burdock leaves, the fish cooked in the steam of the damp moss, creating a delicately cooked fish.

Backcountry cooking; campfire kebabs

The star attraction, roast lamb cooked in the woods. The lamb was cooked to perfection, eaten with some of the baked bread, no one went hungry. But just in case, there was a variety of items to kebab and then it was on to making drop scones, topped with home made damson jam.