Enrichment for Princess Risborough School

David has been providing Bushcraft enrichment at Princess Risborough School – once per week all students have an enrichment session. These sessions provide an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge, acquire new skills and above all, have fun learning something new. As part of this programme, David was invited to provide Bushcraft sessions for year 5 (rising 12 years).

For our first week, we started with fire lighting skills, covering a few different methods and lighting a fire on the school playing field (we all found that fun!). Students practised leave-no-trace, which meant there was no evidence left of our campfire, just as well given where it was! The following week saw us erecting shelters and building on previous skills: lighting a storm-kettle to boil water. Continue reading “Enrichment for Princess Risborough School”

Girlguiding Survival Camp

It may have been November, but the local Girl Guides were keen to be out side having fun at their ‘survival camp’. The day started with a safety briefing and introduction to the Bushcraft skills they would be learning. The first activity was with learning how to successfully light campfire. The Guides gathered tinder, sticks and branches from the woods and then set about lighting their fires using fire steels. After some practice with the fire steels, each team had a fire. Continue reading “Girlguiding Survival Camp”