David provides wilderness living skills, nature connection and woodland crafts. He runs scheduled courses throughout the year, with activities to suit all ages, abilities and needs!

COVID-19 Update: Bushcraft with David Willis is OPEN with courses and events throughout 2021! Please see below for details of what’s on offer and changes that make for a stress free, fun, informative and educational woodland experience!

Why David? He has been teaching Bushcraft since 2010. He trained with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in Bushcraft, spent a year studying many aspects of this craft, and continues to engage in on-going professional development. Above all he loves his job, being out doors close to nature, sharing and teaching his skills. Find out more – read David’s about page.

David was recently on BBC 2 Stories of Us inspiring stories of how people are leading more spiritually and emotionally fulfilled lives. The BBC joined David for a day in the woods; baking fresh bread on the campfire, and then joining Nishkam SWAT, a charity that helps disadvantaged communities (David’s contribution starts at 35:30).

The Guardian picked David’s woodland walks as one of the best guided walks around Britain – “Embracing the great outdoors in the dead of winter is a lot easier in a group and with a knowledgeable leader for motivation” (read this article in The Guardian).

David Willis the woodsman
David Willis – a happy woodsman by the campfire, awaits your company…

COVID-19 Update: Bushcraft with David Willis is OPEN again with courses and events throughout 2021!

Following government rules and guidance, courses and events have resumed and are now scheduled throughout 2021 with a few appropriate changes as to how they are provided, but still an enjoyable and stress free woodland experience for all. The COVID situation has and will continue to effect people in different ways, so whilst keeping in mind the safety of everyone, and with super flexible options for those who want and need them, courses and events have been scheduled for 2021.

Changes include:

  • Reduced course sizes to ease the ability to socially distance, aiming to keep this as flexible as possible and offer one-to-one and one-to-household courses and events
  • Hand washing facilities have been updated and obviously you’ll be encouraged to use them frequently, and shared equipment will also be cleaned more regularly
  • Participants will be asked about their personal health just prior to the course commencement, anyone unable to participate will be offered an alternative date when safe to do so

Courses and events:

Yes, dates for courses and events in 2021 are here, woohoo, no excuse, dive in, choose something you’d like to do and get it booked – looking forward to welcoming you to the woods!

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Thank you for your support and I wish you well.

Bushcraft 101 – Woodland Weekend

Have you got an adventure planned and want to learn a few skills or just want to be confident when out in the wilds. These wilderness living skills will provide confidence and the inspiration to spend more time outdoors, expect to be learning tool use; knives and saws, creating a successful campfire, building cosy shelters and finding water and making it safe to drink – find out more about the Bushcraft 101 – Woodland Weekend course.

Woodland parachute camp - our Bushcraft classroom in the wilds of the Chilterns
Our classroom in the woods – a large cargo parachute suspended from high up in the trees, with benches to sit on and the kettle simmering on the campfire.

Find out more about a Bushcraft 101 – Woodland Weekend course – click here!

Fire and Feast – Campfire Cookery

Enjoy learning the art of making tasty meals over a campfire with less reliance on modern gadgetry and of course feasting on the results – find out more about the Fire and Feast course.

Ponassed trout, a wonderful way to cook fish
Ponassed trout, a wonderful way to cook fish

Find out more about a Fire and Feast course – click here!

Campfire Bread Baking

Bread baking as it’s meant to be, in the outdoors, baked on a campfire! The fresh air scented with aromas of freshly baked bread, smell of the campfire and the taste of warm bread – find out more about the Campfire Bread Baking course.

Fresh baked bread and butter
Freshly baked load of bread served with a healthy portion of butter

Find out more about a Campfire Bread Baking course – click here!

The Art of Fire – Fire by Friction

Learn different methods to create fire, modern and primitive,  fire-steels through to fire-by-friction and make your own bow-drill kit to practice with and take home – find out more about the Art of Fire – Fire by Friction course.

Fire created using fire-by-friction method
An ember created using a bow-drill has been successfully blown into flame!

Find out more about an Art of Fire – Fire by Friction course – click here!

Whittling and Woodcraft – Spoon Carving

Another favourite, learning about the trees and the properties of their wood, before harvesting some and then carving beautiful and functional utensils such as spoons and other woodland crafts – learn more about Whittling and Woodcraft – Spoon Carving course.

Wood carving tools by knife by Mora and crook knife by Ben Orford
Ben Orford, a make of knives in the UK, makes lovely knives that are a pleasure to use.

Find out more about a Whittling and Woodcraft – Spoon Carving course – click here!

Family Bushcraft – Nature Connection

This Bushcraft experience is aimed at families with young children (there is no minimum age). It is all about having fun in the woods; learning about campfires, and keeping safe, baking bread, foraging in the woods, crafts and games that will help connect your family more closely with nature.

Family Bushcraft - Time together in nature
Time together in nature – building a shelter, making a campfire and toasting marshmallows

Find out more about Family Bushcraft – Nature Connection – click here!

Woodland Walks

A favourite with families, David’s guided woodland walks take you on a journey through the Chilterns, learning about the trees and plants of the woodlands – find out more about these Woodland Walks and book places.

June - A favourite throughout the year, my guided woodland walks
June – A favourite throughout the year, my guided woodland walks

Join David for a Guided Woodland Walk – click here!