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Such a great time with David, he truly is a master of his craft and passionate about teaching it to others. We spent the day: learning about the different trees and how to identify them (really fun and something I find myself doing now on dog walks). Making fire from the bark of a silver birch, this was my favourite! Making bread from scratch and baking it on the fire using hazel sticks. Making fire from a bow drill…. Not easy but very satisfying once the fire comes alive. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in camping and the great outdoors. It was a gift from my wife and I did it with my best friend. I think this is a great way to experience it. This experience would make a fantastic present or gift.
An incredible weekend of learning new skills and eating great food – all hosted by David who was an absolute joy to learn from. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fun and unique experience, and am definitely intending on heading back myself for some of the other great courses on offer.
An amazing experience cooking and learning out in nature. Would highly recommend David to anyone, he was very knowledgeable and accommodating to our extra needs. I look forward to more opportunities to learn in the future.

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