COVID-19 Update: Bushcraft with David Willis will be OPEN with courses and events starting again in April 2021!

Following government rules and guidance, courses and events will resume from April 2021 with appropriate changes to how they are provided, but the aim will still be for an enjoyable and stress free woodland experience for all. The COVID situation has and will continue to effect people in different ways, so whilst keeping in mind the safety of everyone, and with super flexible options for those who want and need them, courses and events have been scheduled for 2021.

Changes include:

  • Reduced course sizes to ease the ability to socially distance, aiming to keep this as flexible as possible and offer one-to-one and one-to-household courses and events
  • Hand washing facilities have been updated and obviously you’ll be encouraged to use them frequently, and shared equipment will also be cleaned more regularly
  • Participants will be asked about their personal health just prior to the course commencement, anyone unable to participate will be offered an alternative date when safe to do so

Courses and events:

Yes, dates for courses and events in 2021 are here, woohoo, no excuse, dive in, choose something you’d like to do and get it booked – looking forward to welcoming you to the woods!

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Thank you for your support and I wish you well.