Find a Bushcraft course from the list below and book a date to have fun learning in the woods…

David also runs events for private groups; families and friends, and team building days and experiences for charities, companies and other organisations. If you like the sound of these activities and fancy the idea of getting a group of friends or colleagues together, then by all means get in touch to arrange a group booking – Thank you.

Scheduled courses and events:


Family Friendly Woodland Walk 31-Mar-2019 Fully Booked
Family Bushcraft 17-Apr-2019 Fully Booked
Family Bushcraft 19-Apr-2019 Fully Booked
Fire and Feast 21-Apr-2019 Fully Booked
Family Friendly Woodland Walk 28-Apr-2019 Fully Booked
Campfire Bread Baking 12-May-2019 Fully Booked
Whittling and Woodcraft 18-May-2019 Fully Booked
Family Bushcraft 30-May-2019 Fully Booked
Art of Fire 01-Jun-2019 Fully Booked
Family Friendly Woodland Walk 02-Jun-2019 Fully Booked
Family Bushcraft 07-Sep-2019 Fully Booked
Family Friendly Woodland Walk 08-Sep-2019 Fully Booked
Family Bushcraft 15-Sep-2019 Fully Booked
A Walk on the Wild Side 15-Oct-2019 Fully Booked
A Walk on the Wild Side 20-Oct-2019 Fully Booked

When will more course dates be announced?

More dates will be announced as we move through the seasons. As each season approaches David will be adding dates for courses for the following seasons.

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