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What’s happening at Camp Wildfire?

Last year’s Camp Wildfire was a great success, half adventure camp and half music festival for adults only. Located at a secret woodland location in Kent, with easy access from London, there was a huge range of activities to engage with; zip wires, archery, sword fighting, knife throwing, horse riding, yoga, painting, crafts and loads more and then music, dance and partying into the small hours.

David provided the natural shelter building workshops in 2015, teaching the curious adventurers how to construct cosy shelters using the natural woodland resources – we built quite a lot in the woods too! David is really pleased to be invited back again for 2016, he will be providing Bushcrafty activities and workshops throughout the weekend!

Example of a natural shelter

Example of a natural shelter

At sunset on the Friday evening, David will be providing a “Sleep tight, Stay Warm” talk. Last year some campers got really cold, so this session will ensure they can stay warm at night and get a good nights sleep!

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings will start with guided woodland walks; a journey through the woodlands, reawakening the senses and become a little more connected with nature. No longer will there be a wall of trees, we will get to know the trees individually and recognise their differences and personalities. Similarly, we’ll take a look at the woodland plants and show you how to become familiar with them too.

Hodgemoor Woods in June - guided woodland walk

Guided woodland walk – learning about the flora and fauna

David will also be providing natural shelter / bivouac building workshops in the morning and in the afternoon, there will be wood whittling classes, with the opportunity to carve a piece of wood foraged from the woodlands.

Woodland Crafts - Cups and Spoons

Woodland Crafts – Cups and Spoons

And on Saturday evening, David will be providing fire lighting demonstrations, using fire by friction (rubbing sticks together) and other methods, there will be plenty of opportunities to join in around the campfire!

Fire-by-Friction - blowing the ember into life to make fire!

Fire-by-Friction – blowing the ember into life to make fire!

Camp Wildfire “Winner Best New Festival AIF Awards 2015″ – watch their fab Offical Wildfire Trailer put 17-19 June in your diary, check out their website to see more activities: www.campwildfire.co.uk and book tickets and save £10 on each ticket using this special #discountcode / #vouchercode: Bushcraft10 (just enter it at checkout for £10 off a weekend ticket) – see you there!

Discount Code for Camp Wildfire: Bushcraft10

Field studies fold-outs

Natural history is an integral part of Bushcraft. In fact without an appreciation and understanding of flora and fauna, would really be missing out in a big way. Bushcraft covers a wide range of topics, I like to think that these fall broadly into the three areas of teaching; outdoor living skills, natural history and woodland crafts. There areas all overlap. To be successful in living outdoors you need to understand at least some natural history, for instance which plants provide good tinder. Studying trees and plants help you appreciate the environment you are in and perhaps understand a little of it’s history. Similarly, when carving a spoon or fashioning a pot knowing which tree the wood came from or the properties of the bark you are using is fundamental to  the object you create.

I’m fortunate to have a pretty good selection of books and field guides from which to reference and study. So what would I recommend you put in your pack when out for a walk?

I’d recommend a fold-out field studies guide from the Field Studies Council. They produce a wonderful selection; fungi, woodland plants, trees, British mammal tracks and signs and many, many more.

The field studies fold-out guides are beautifully put together with flow charts, clear pictures and reference information to help you identify what you are looking at. They are practical too, arguably more so that a reference book, because they laminated, so they are weather proof and robust, just what you need when out on a county walk or ramble.

Field studies guide fold-outs

A few of the wonderful field studies fold-outs provided by the Field Studies Council – check out their website and buy some!