Scout Leaders want to be doing Bushcraft; an opportunity to learn new Bushcraft skills, sharpen up on old ones and put them all into practice.

Starting on a Saturday morning, you will be learning knife skills, fire-by-friction and other methods for lighting fires, building natural and man-made shelters. In the evening we’ll be back country cooking and sleeping out, experiencing our new shelters. The sleepover will finish after breakfast on Sunday morning.

Real confidence booster for being a new leader


  • Knife skills; the law, safe and practical use
  • Folding saw; techniques for safe use
  • You’ll be making a craft item using these skills
  • Building successful fires; tinder, kindling and fire lays
  • Fire by friction; using a bow drill to create fire
  • Other methods for fire lighting
  • Building shelters from natural materials
  • Putting up tarps and hammocks
  • Back country cooking

Fantastic experience, learning the basics, sleeping outdoors without tents, cooking on open fires and not relying on gas

Includes: teas and coffees, a light lunch, dinner and breakfast! Just as at camp, everyone will be expected to help with meal preparations, etc. To ensure everyone gets the most from this event, numbers are limited to 10 Leaders

Super location, animated and expert instruction, very useful refresher course for all Scout Leaders