Great to be featured in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life Magazines in an article written by Venetia Hawkes. Venetia spent a day with me researching this article for the magazine, finding out what it’s really like to live outdoors in the wild woods. Sitting around the campfire, we spoke about how I got started and where I learnt to be a woodsman. We whittled spoons and baked bread while talking about foraging, campfires and living in the woods, a lovely day, thank you Venetia!

Berkshire Life and Buckinghamshire Life Magazine – Venetia Hawkes cooking wild garlic bannock bread

Escape the phones and tablets and discover the secrets of dining in the real outdoors – Venetia Hawkes did just that in Buckinghamshire woodland.

“That’s Jelly Ear”, David Willis points out a slimily unappetising looking fungus. “You can pickle it and eat it, but I wouldn’t bother,” he adds. There’s definitely no eating of bugs either. Delicate herb breads, nettle risottos, elderflower fritters – tasting like a cross between a summer hedgerow and a 1950s fairground, are the wild foods Willis favours. On his Bushcraft courses you can learn to light a fire, carve a spoon, build a shelter, cook over a camp-fire and enjoy a delicious taste of the wild.

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