By joining Netwalking with David Willis, you will get plenty of fresh air, a little exercise, reawaken your senses and become more connected with nature, and be able to chat with like minded people, whilst walking in some beautiful woodlands.

David Willis provides family friendly guided woodland walks, teaching young and old about the woodlands; the flora and fauna, with opportunities to re-engage their senses and become more at one with nature. It was during one of these walks, with all that fresh air and time for fresh thinking, that a conversation triggered the idea of a similar walk for business people, and here it is!

Our best ideas come when walking. Aristotle apparently lectured whilst walking, was this to his benefit or those of his students (possibly both), Steve Jobs preferred way to have a serious conversation was a long walk.

Just walking may be enough, but to really benefit, I find that being grounded within nature makes a huge difference.

Netwalking with David Willis will be a monthly event, held in a woodland near Chalfont St Giles, with tea and coffee available at the end of the walk!