This Bushcraft course is aimed at leaders of young people in Scouts, Girlguiding and other Youth Organisations. It is open to Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer Leaders and Rainbow, Brownie and Guide Leaders as well as those from other organisations. As a leader of young people; children or youth, you know it’s good to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. You want to nurture a spirit of adventure, help them appreciate nature and learn how to be self reliant. The objective of this Bushcraft course is to equip leaders with essential outdoor living skills:

  • Safe and effective use of knives and saws
  • Making useful camp craft items
  • Igniting successful campfires
  • Building shelters
  • Finding and making water safe to drink
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Food preparation and cooking on campfires
  • Natural history

Super location, animated and expert instruction, a very useful course for all leaders (Scout Leader of 30 years)

Tools and camp craft

Youth leaders build a natural shelter
Youth leaders build a natural shelter

Whilst it is possible to survive in the wilds without modern tools, life would be quite difficult. You will learn how to safely use Bushcraft knives, bow saws and folding saws, by making useful camp gadgets with these tools. There are many Bushcraft tools on the market, we’ll discuss the merits of a few, keeping the focus on practicality and cost effectiveness. Tools require routine maintenance, so you will be shown how to sharpen a knife and have the opportunity to put this into practice.

Fire lighting

A campfire provides warmth, light, the means to cook food and purify water, keeps creepy crawlies at away and builds group moral. Unfortunately many people struggle to get a fire going, usually because they haven’t been shown how or had the opportunity to practice. You will learn how to build campfires using a variety of ignition methods, what natural resources are best for burning and keep things safe for your group and the environment. Meals will be cooked on campfires, so you will have the opportunity to practice and build confidence in fire lighting whatever the weather.

Excellent course, takes you back to ‘basics’ and gives you the confidence to be more adventurous


Youth leaders building a natural shelter
Youth leaders building a natural shelter

Building a shelter (or a more basic den) with young people provides a fun activity and just like building campfires, reconnects us with our primal roots. You will learn how to safely use natural materials to build a shelter. By knowing how to use resources effectively, you’ll be able to create a warm and protective shelter, where you can happily sleep for the night.

You will also learn how to erect a light weight tarpaulin (tarp) so you can shelter from the elements. You’ll learn simple knots that are easy to remember and then be able too use those same knots to put up and try a hammock.

Had the most fantastic time and have learnt to many new skills, built my confidence – Thank you

Safe drinking water

Sometimes it’s easy to take water for granted. It’s just a matter of turning the tap on and there we have it, clean, safe drinking water. On a camp, expedition or hike, you’ll probably have water in containers, but what happens when it runs out and there are no taps near by? There are many places to get water from when in the countryside, but most will be put off by worrying about it being safe to drink. We will consider many of the places and then focus on how to make this water safe to drink. You will learn how to use a variety of different methods to filter and purify the water.

Health and safety

As with most outdoor activities there are some health and safety issues to be considered. Topics covered will include safety around the campfire, toilet and washing arrangements, adverse weather, camp location and first aid provision.

Campfire cooking

Trout ponassed ready for cooking
Trout ponassed ready for cooking

All meals will be cooked on fires, so there will be ample opportunity to help with cooking. Cooking methods will vary, these may include baking in embers, steaming, kebab, frying in large skillets, boiling and ground ovens.

Natural history

You will be guided around the woodland, learning how to identify trees, gain knowledge of how they can be used. depending on the season, we will also forage for a few edibles to add a little variety to our meals and or make a herbal brew!

Other benefits

A confident team in the great outdoors course
A confident team in the great outdoors

One of the benefits of this course is the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with other leaders as you set up your shelters, cook meals and share a cuppa around the campfire. This course, by popular demand has been extended to a full weekend, to provide more practice time and additional skills sessions e.g. knife sharpening!

Fantastic food, loved learning more ways to start a fire, enjoyed learning about knives and actually making useful things – many thanks, loved it all

Currently there are no scheduled courses specifically for youth leaders – but to gain the same skills and a similar experience, you can attend the Bushcraft 101 course!

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