Going with the flow on the River Stour

Launching into the river - not an official portage point

The end of October was drawing ever closer, the days were getting shorter, but it just seemed right to plan a little adventure. My friend, Andy and I hatched a plan to paddle the River Stour in Suffolk, early the following month. The navigable section is between Sudbury and Cattawade, the last stop before the tidal estuary, a short journey of just 24 miles, broken up by quite a few portage points. Not being in any rush, a gentle paddle over two days downstream, going with the flow and a wild camp somewhere by the river was our plan.

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Going with the flow

It was February, I had an opening in my diary, woohoo, nothing to do for a few days and the excitement of being able to do something just for me. It was time for an adventure, there was the call of the wild, a wish to explore somewhere new and the need to relax and enjoy being close to nature without the everyday pressures that modern life presents.

Looking at my long list of ideas for adventures, there it was a microadventure, a paddle down the Thames in my canoe, that was just the ticket. The plan, not much of one really, was simply to launch off near Cricklade, close to the rivers source and paddle down river, just going with the flow.  Continue reading “Going with the flow”