Reference information and links to other sites

For parents, children and teachers

The Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives a wonderful selection of free ideas and downloads; spotter sheets from bugs to poo, ideas for fun in the woods, tree identification, mini-beasts and pond dipping

The John Muir Trust – find out who John Muir was and how he shaped conservation, this conservation charity is dedicated to protecting our wild places.

Tools and Equipment

Whist some people can be forgiven for getting caught up in the desire for new shiny stuff, both tools and equipment, there is really little need to go out spending a fortune on kit. Bushcraft is far more about what you know rather than the kit you carry.

I will discuss the merits of various tools and pieces of equipment from time-to-time in my blog – but the key things you will probably want to consider are these:


Mora of Sweden  provide a wide range of well designed knives, at very reasonable prices, that are ideally suited to Bushcraft.

Ben and Lois Orford make beautifully crafted and designed Bushcraft knives, wood craft tools and associated leather accessories.

Tarpaulins and Hammocks

DD Hammocks – a hugely popular supplier of tarps and hammocks.

Hennessy Hammocks – my favourite, for a hammock and tarps with innovative design and comfort.

For budget tarpaulins take a look at the camouflage range at TarpFlex.

Pots, pans and rucksacks

For pots, pans, mugs and general camping supplies, take a look at your local camping store or alternatively consider army surplus suppliers such as Endicotts.

Places to visit

The National Trust – not just wonderful houses and buildings, but beautiful woodland and gardens, and amazing coastal and countryside walks.

The Woodland Trust – find and explore a wonderful woodland near you!

The Bucks, Berks and Oxon Wildlife Trust – connect with nature in one of the many beautiful