Fire-By-Friction Bow-drill Kit


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The kit comprises all the elements you need to create fire-by-friction, using a successfully tried-and-tested kit. The kit contains everything you need, well almost, you’ll also need a sharp knife to maintain the pieces and to reuse the kit, and, a few green leaves to provide lubrication of the drill would also be useful too.

Kit contents:

  • Full-instructions: from getting started, that all important ember and from ember to fire!
  • Bow (made from Hazel or Ash) – simply slots together (see below)
  • Cord to string the bow
  • Hearth board, (Western Red Cedar, Sycamore, Poplar or Lime) it has a hole pre-drilled and a notch cut out where the ember will appear J
  • Drill (Hazel) to create friction on the hearth board (the thin tapered end is the top)
  • Bearing block – lump of wood with side trimmed off and a small black hole (Hornbeam or Holly)
  • Piece of bark to catch the ember
  • Small stick to remove the ember from the hearth board
  • Tinder (selection that may include thistledown, rosebay willow herb, wood shavings)
  • Hay / straw for your tinder bundle and create fire

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